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Amedeo Prize 2008

Selection Procedure

The Medical Article of the Year 2008 was selected in a four-step process by more than 1600 subscribers to the Amedeo Medical Literature Service:

  1. The nomination of 1453 articles from hundreds of thousands of articles published in 2007 and listed in PubMed (December 2007/January 2008)

  2. The first voting round (619 votes) which promoted 156 articles to the second voting round (February/March)

  3. The second voting round in April (436 votes) which selected 21 articles for the final voting round

  4. The third and final voting round in June (589 votes)

PubMed Nomination First Voting Round Second Voting Round Third Voting Round Third Voting Round

The Medical Article of the Year 2008

Free full-text

The Top 10 Medical Articles of the Year 2008

Blue Author Names: Free full-text
1. Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium - Genome-wide association study of 14,000 cases of seven common diseases and 3,000 shared controls. Nature - Free full-text 359
2. Baker, Jennifer L - Childhood body-mass index and the risk of coronary heart disease in adulthood. N Engl J Med - Free full-text 291
3. Takahashi K - Induction of Pluripotent Stem Cells from Adult Human Fibroblasts by Defined Factors. Cell - Free full-text 282
4. Yu J - Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Lines Derived from Human Somatic Cells. Science - Free full-text 245
5. Zhang, David D - Global climate change, war, and population decline in recent human history. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A - Free full-text 241
6. Menzies, Dick - Meta-analysis: new tests for the diagnosis of latent tuberculosis infection: areas of uncertainty and recommendations for research. Ann Intern Med - Free full-text 215
7. Dubois, Bruno - Research criteria for the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease: revising the NINCDS-ADRDA criteria. Lancet Neurol - Free full-text 213
8. Amanna, Ian J - Duration of humoral immunity to common viral and vaccine antigens. N Engl J Med - Free full-text 203
9. Reddy, Madhuri - Oral drug therapy for multiple neglected tropical diseases: a systematic review. JAMA - Free full-text 190
10. Vernooij, Meike W - Incidental findings on brain MRI in the general population. N Engl J Med - Free full-text 174